The Eternal Goddess Workshop 

How to tap into your feminine power.

Do you ever feel like you're successful in your career, but those same skills don't seem to apply to your personal life, your relationship, or your level of sexual fulfilment?

Have you heard about things like "polarity", but never really understood what it means or why it's important?

Have you ever worried about your relationship spiralling into sexlessness?

Do you feel like you've forgotten how to channel your primal feminine energy and fulfil your sexual desires?

Don't worry. Many women experience this, and especially those who are more successful in their careers.

It's an energy, essence, polarity and centre of gravity thing.

I'm hosting a completely FREE 2 day workshop with a maximum of 15 women, who want to discover (and in many cases, re-discover) how to tap into their feminine essence, and channel it toward living a more fulfilled sex life.

During this 2 day workshop, which will run for 90min each day, we will explore:

We will do away with fears such as:

We will answer questions like:

And together, we'll get you on the right path in one of the most important areas of your life, JUST in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.

This is a special time of the year, and it's a time you WANT to show up at your best.
Work has been tough, hustling ain't easy, so give yourself this gift, and join me on the 21st and 22nd of November for a masterclass you will always remember.

My name is Paloma, but everyone calls me Moma.
I'm a certified psychologist, couple's therapist and sex mentor.

I've helped women from around the world rediscover their bodies, heal inorgasmia, reconnect with their partners and find their feminine essence.

This is my passion and I hope to be able to guide you on your special journey,

See you soon!

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